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Thanksgiving Update

We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my parents' house on Thursday.  I put a couple pics up on Flickr.  Here is the Official Dorky Sibling Photo of 2009:

This would have made for an excellent Christmas card photo, save for two details:

  1. It looks like my older sister is missing a leg; and
  2. Oh yeah, my parents don't send out a picture of us anymore, because they send out a picture of my nephew, because they love him more.  (Not that I am really complaining.  We were getting a little old for it.)

Speaking of the nephew--he is in a phase right now where he has realized that EVERYTHING IS A DRUM, AS LONG AS YOU BANG ON IT WITH SOMETHING.  Which means we get treated to a lot of adorable impromptu concerts, such as this:


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James Buchanan

hahaa that is an AWESOME SONG


Whoa, where's Kelly's leg? Also, look at how our legs are crossed in the same manner - cheesy!



yeah and mac and kel have same head tilt.  pretty cool.  COOL BOOTS

Pablo G, Valero

someone in the picture have bttf simdrom. His leg is desappearing

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