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This Week in Internet: Christmas Eve Edition

The Latest in Ninja Turtle Fashion

Things you can actually buy right now:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle snuggies.  From Hot Topic.  For some reason, Leonardo is not available, which is unfortunate.  Also, if you got one, you would be buying something from Hot Topic.  But still.  They exist:

The price is $28 and they are evidently available in One Size Fits Emo Boy.

Shredder hoodie.  Sold here.  Made from a fine poly/cotton/excessive '80s-'90s nostalgia blend.  Not only does it have arm spikes, but that face mask looks pretty warm. 


I must say, these all would have been fine things to have owned when I was walking Pancake around the block in his Master Splinter costume.


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Pablo G, Valero

could be interesting when get out the shower. but my favourite one was leonardo, olso Michelangelo

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