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Proof That I spent at Least Two Minutes Watching Something Other Than The Olympics Today

Olympic PantsWatch 2010

Crazy pants continue to be an awesome Olympic feature.  In addition to fake snowboarding jeans, we also have the following to admire:

Azerbaijan's Opening Ceremony Pants

If I had three wishes, I would use all three to ask for three separate pairs of THESE PANTS.

Czech Republic's Opening Ceremony Pants

I have a slight preference for the wacky Azerbaijani paisley print, but these are also spectacular.

Team Norway's Curling Pants

I think if curling qualifies as an Olympic sport, so should pants-making.  And this design is in medal contention right now.


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Amanda I.

That team Norway curling pic instantly cued 'Entry of the Gladiators' in my head. How very circus-y.


Where can I buy team Azerbaijan's pants?


that is the question of the year.


those curling pants are straight up court jester. can't you picture the matching hat? love.

Amanda I.

Next best thing? (via the daily what)


That team Norway curling pic instantly cued 'Entry of the Gladiators' in my head. How very circus-y.

Juicy Couture Bikini

I started from and realize I never finished the first task, then realize I don't have time to finish the first task because I have to get ready to go somewhere. This sort of thing goes on all the time. My mind is always wandering, day dreaming, planning, analyzing, writing blog posts, etc. I usually have multiple screens open on my computer each concerning a different topic or thought I had about something; sometimes there's a basket of clean clothes, half-foldesadfd; the bills are out to be paid, but I haven't actually done anything with them yet. You get the idea. I'm also like this when I go shopping, despite having a detailed list I bounce around the store, and many times forget something on the list.

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