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This Week in Internet: Ice Cubes, Evolution, Hebrew

Presenting: the ice cube tray design that CHANGES EVERYTHING.

Sir?  Here's that neato, side-scrolling evolution timeline you requested.

Also, sir?  Your gigantic supercut of all those screen transitions from Home Improvement.

Most confusing/hilarious end to a basketball game, ever.

Some well-known logos, translated into Hebrew.  Pretty cool!

If you don't like when SNL performers laugh at themselves during skits, you will hate this.

PSA #1: This is how you perform surgery on gummi bears.

PSA #2: The "You Got 30 Minutes" slogan at Domino's is not so much about how fast they should bring you their pizza as it is about how long you have to put pants on before they get to your house.

PowerPoint: the U.S. military's greatest enemy?

Sure, I'll Solve All Your Problems--When I'm Done LOOKING AWESOME

I followed a Washington Post tweet to a live discussion on marriage advice today, and was rewarded with this picture of the "marriage expert" hosting the chat:
I think we can all agree that, in the category of Looking Like a Professional Marriage Advice Person, this woman has nailed it.  I mean, clearly this woman knows LOVE: she is sitting on it!*  With her arms crossed in a confident fashion!

I immediately sent the link to Emily (who was a fan of those sleeves), and the two of us spent a good 10 minutes doing image searches trying to find a better marriage expert pic.  No dice.  This woman is the queen.  Feel free to check for yourself.

*BTW, according to the "sitting on something makes you an expert" school of logic, I am an expert on chairs.  So if you have any chair questions, just ask.

This Week in Internet: Nature, News, and Beard-Seconds

FYI: How to Name a Volcano. (via Emily, who finally headed home from Prague today after being volcano-stranded there for a week).

This week's cute things: this corgi, this goat, these meerkats


OK, we can add "Now that's one badass nightstand!" to the list of things I have actually said.

Great supercut of the "problems" people face in the "before" parts of infomercials. Greatest picture ever?

Courtesy of Lauren, some rad nature photography

World's most generic news segment

These Roald Dahl facts are pretty awesome.

Hummer-turned-horse carriage = cool.

Some humorous units of measurement on Wikipedia.  I did not know that Google Calculator supports beard-seconds!

Ahhh, so this is how automatic pencil sharpeners work.

George Washington owes $300,000 for overdue library books.

You Can Imagine the Restraint it Takes to Not Title This Post "All About the Benjamins"

The Treasury Department unveiled a new design for the $100 bill today.  Naturally, this was big news for the two main hundred-dollar-bill-using groups: drug dealers who stick them in suitcases, and aunts who put them in graduation cards. 

The new bill looks like this:

This press release details all the features, but the most noticeable changes are as follows:

  1. Addition of blue 3D security ribbon on front of bill
  2. "Bell in the Inkwell" graphic that changes color when bill is tinted
  3. A random-ass quill pen, because THAT'S WHAT OLD TIME PEOPLE USED TO WRITE THINGS WITH

The features of the new Benjamin are also detailed in this extremely over-dramatic YouTube clip, which I sort of love.

Basically, the new bill contains every available anti-counterfeiting technology they could throw on there, minus a watermark "Just try and counterfeit this, bitch" speech bubble coming out of Franklin's mouth.  That's coming in 2011.

This Week in Internet: Misquotations, Toilet Paper, and Unicorn Meat

Hey, maybe you should learn some toilet paper origami.

I got about 15 seconds into this video before the phrase, "Hey, guys!" lost all meaning.

These two dogs are having the most fun ever!

Passive-aggressive notes from kids are hilar.

Unicorn meat: an excellent source of sparkes!

More excellent robot photos from The Big Picture.  Crazy baby robot Yotaro makes an appearance at #17, natch

Checking in on some old-school search engines

Wikipedia entry of the week: List of Misquotations

Whales and dogs love each other.

Yet Another Great Thing To Spend Your Money On

I know that every joke about Costco basically boils down to, "Heyyy, Costco sure sells, like, everything!  And it's in, like, large quantities!"  But come on:

Costco - $799.99 after $200 OFF Shelf Reliance THRIVE™ 1-year Supply Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Food_1271295627424 

A year's supply of dehydrated and freeze-dried food for one person, at a price of $799.99.   The various foods have a shelf life of 15-25 years, and they come to you in 14 boxes containing 84 different one-gallon cans.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Damn.  I used to have $799.99, until I spent it yesterday buying 20 carstaches.  Now what will I do when the Big Disaster comes?"  Here's my answer: you'll just die, like everyone except the 15 people who have bomb shelters stocked with this crap.  Those 15 people will have the privilege of living in their basements for 365 days, eating powder out of a can, until they also die one year later, completely bored and looking like Tom Hanks at the end of Castaway.  


Yet another satisfied Costco customer.

If you want to be No. 16, I encourage you to browse the whole Emergency Food Kits section at

Million-Dollar Idea of the Day

Friends, I would be remiss if I did not alert you to the fact that you can buy a mustache for your car.

The product seen above is called a carstache, and it can be purchased at

There are many reasons to buy a mustache for your car; style and aerodynamics come immediately to mind.  Perhaps your car has been getting tired of its sideburns lately, and you just want to try something different.  Whatever.  You don't really need a reason.  You just need $39.00.

This Week in Internet: Kabletown, Science, the ABC Game

Attention, 30 Rock fans: Kabletown has its own website:

Man, if this sign had been somewhere between Maryland and Massachusetts, it would have been so clutch during so many childhood road trips.

This is the best YouTube comment ever. (thx, Matt)

Scientists find multi-cellular creatures capable of livign without oxygen.  Judging from the picture, they are a living species of miniature underseas hot pink candy wrappers.  Science-y!

Some concept drawings for Back to the Future II

Oh, man--strong potential for Pancake's next Halloween costume in this shop.  Doggie Nintendo Gameboy outfitLuigi suit?  OMG.