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You Can Imagine the Restraint it Takes to Not Title This Post "All About the Benjamins"

The Treasury Department unveiled a new design for the $100 bill today.  Naturally, this was big news for the two main hundred-dollar-bill-using groups: drug dealers who stick them in suitcases, and aunts who put them in graduation cards. 

The new bill looks like this:

This press release details all the features, but the most noticeable changes are as follows:

  1. Addition of blue 3D security ribbon on front of bill
  2. "Bell in the Inkwell" graphic that changes color when bill is tinted
  3. A random-ass quill pen, because THAT'S WHAT OLD TIME PEOPLE USED TO WRITE THINGS WITH

The features of the new Benjamin are also detailed in this extremely over-dramatic YouTube clip, which I sort of love.

Basically, the new bill contains every available anti-counterfeiting technology they could throw on there, minus a watermark "Just try and counterfeit this, bitch" speech bubble coming out of Franklin's mouth.  That's coming in 2011.


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