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I Officially Love Every Single Person to Have Ever Written to the Editor of Official Variety Puzzles

OVP_Large I flew to Boston this weekend for some family activities, and before my return flight I bought the September 2010 issue of Dell Official Variety Puzzles so I could do some totally sweet word searches and logic puzzles in the airport.  However, the most entertaining part of the book--by far--ended up being the "Pencil Notes" column at the beginning.  "Pencil Notes" is basically a Letters to the Editor-type situation, and OMG--the people who write letters to the editor of puzzle books are AMAZING.  Here are some of my fave excerpts:

"I was very heartened to read the comments from solvers in May's Pencil Notes, as I too prefer the more difficult puzzles at the back of the magazine.  There are so many publications with easy material and so few with hard features.  Although I don't like all of the latter, I'm happy that they're around.  It would be nice if some appeared in every issue; Build Score, for example, is great, but it seems to pop up only once a year."

"And in response to Kay Johnson, please don't reduce the number of Anacrostics here.  A while back you cut the amount in one of your sister periodicals from 15 to 12, and I still feel deprived."

"KEEP the 'tough stuff' in this magazine . . . Anyone who finds this title too daunting can find tons of easier alternatives on newsstands."

"I've enclosed page 119 that lists all of the Dell magazines that went on sale in March, April, and early May.  You can see that I've underlined the word SUDOKU 17 times, so no fan of this feature can claim that he or she doesn't get enough!  We word-game addicts, then, would like to see fewer Sudoku in your other titles."

"You might call me crazy; however, I can totally relate to the woman who said her dog gets annoyed when she solves.  My cat, you see, seems to get jealous when I curl up with a pen and this magazine.  She often parks herself between me and the page!"

The editors included an equally amazing response to that last snippet:

"We must say, you've painted an amusing picture, Theresa.  We can just see her mewing over a puzzle while you're musing over it!"



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