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I So Do Not Need Better Reading Material At All

Alanis Morrissette is pregnant, and US Weekly wants to make sure you find out via the cheesiest sentence ever written:

That's right!  You oughta know!  Get it?  Get it?  Because this is totally what happens when you stop taking your jagged little pill, amirite?  Yessss!  High fives all around!

(Also, re: her husband, is anyone having huge JVDBR* issues right now?  Just checking.)

*James Van Der Beek Resemblance


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James Buchanan

haha i so thought he looked like dawson leery

Amanda I.

Agreed. My first reaction to that pic was 'Alanis Morrisette married that guy from Dawson's Creek? Wow, he's aging terribly.'


Until you said that, I thought it was Dawson.

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