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Emmy Fashion Recap 2010: Microsoft Office Is Not a Stylist, and Other Advice

The 62 Annual Emmys were last night, and they were extremely enjoyable once you got past the fact that it sounded like everyone was saying "The 60-Second Annual Emmys."  That made me feel like they were going to bring out the Micro Machines guy and have him do the whole show superfast, then leave us with an hour and 59 minutes left before it was time to switch channels and watch Mad Men.  Anyway, while the show was very well done, the fashion was pretty boring--none of the good was good enough, and none of the bad was bad enough.  Here is my recap.

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara
Sofia looked like butter dipped in glitter, but I would argue that she is the kind of woman who can pull it off.  I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but there you go.

Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi
Hmmm, navy blue dress and a bib necklace.  Where have I seen this combo before?

Padma Lakshmi2
Ohhh, right--on Padma Lakshmi, three weeks ago.  Episode 8 elimination challenge, anyone?  You are soooo busted, Padma.

Toni Collette

Toni Collette
Toni Collette is this year's reminder that you should always take a limo to the Emmys instead of fording through a swamp, Oregon-Trail style.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele
Lea Michele's Oscar de la Renta was pretty, but also pretty boring.  She also looks kind of like a Penelope Cruz impersonator here.

January Jones

January Jones
I'm gonna turn this one over to my friend Caitlar, who did a great job live-tweeting the red carpet last night.  Here's her take:

Twitter : Caitlin Hasson: january jones is trying so ..._1283206017352
BINGO.  This is exactly what bothers me about most of January's looks, but I could never find the right words to say it!

Ty and Holly Burrell

Ty Holly Burrell
I actually liked Ty's grey tux, but those shoes are kinda sad.  However, he plays someone awkward, so he gets away with it.  His wife?  Well, at least she looks happy.  Then again, I would also be happy if I'd just escaped from Las Vegas Muppet Dance Prison with only the clothes on my back.

Tina Fey

Tina Fey
I am generally too blinded by my love of Tina Fey to criticize what she wears, but I don't know about this one.  I do like the shape, but the print reminded me of Screen Beans.

Betty White

Speaking of Microsoft Office-inspired fashion, Betty White's dress is totally one of the custom gradient options.  I know we are not supposed to criticize Betty White, but I am just pointing out that this is not a place to go dress shopping:

Betty White2

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian
Back to Caitlar: Twitter : Caitlin Hasson: kim kardashian looks like ..._1283206444128
I have to add that her hair was giving me Pauly D flashbacks when I saw it in HD.

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt
If nothing else, this demonstrates a strategy: when everyone else is gunning for "Best Dress," be the only one to go for "Best Shirt."  Winner by default!

Jane Krakowski

Jane Krakowski
I'm not necessarily saying I don't like this dress . . . but if you look at this picture long enough, you definitely get the impression that she is missing a leg.


Ehhhhhhhhhhhh.  Don't like the dress, and can't help but notice that the purse is actually the soap dish from a nursing home.

Rita Wilson

Rita Wilson
This looks like an already-bad dress that has had the additional misfortune of being caught in a net.

Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum
For being the shortest dress out there, this was still somehow too much: the rosettes were bulky, the shoes looked like they had ants crawling on them, and the necklace was not my fave.  All in all, this could have (maybe) worked for something like the Teen Choice Awards, but not the Emmys.  Let's check in with Caitlar one more time:
Twitter : Caitlin Hasson: i think heidi's overcompen ..._1283206690056 Amen.

This Week in Internet: Clueless, Carlashes, and a Chihuahua

Carlashes are the greatest thing since carstaches.  And that sentence is the greatest thing since ANYTHING.

Yo. I am in love with this lady's Oreo hair and kind of want to do a Triscuit version for myself.

FYI, any video titled "Chihuahua playing pool" is probably as awesome as you would expect it to be.

Inception, explained for Mac users in one image.

Oooh, I bet I could kill some serious time with this book of 1699 slang.

Some very early (1922) color video footage, released by Kodak.  Pretty compelling.

Behold: Eight Lessons Clueless Can Still Teach You About Dating.

Justin Bieber to star in Back to the Future remake? WTF.  Following this rumor closely.


A Saturday Well Spent

I was at the county fair yesterday when, just before leaving, I passed a tent with this sign:

Toilet decorating contest?!  Why, that's the kind of thing that almost makes you drop the gigantic caramel apple you bought after spending 20 minutes babytalking to rabbits in the bunny barn!

I obviously took pictures, because  toilet decorating is exactly the type of cultural event I like to report on here.

The Mean Green Methane Machine:

"Honey, I Shrunk the Toilet" and one that was labeled "Daycare Toilet"


Undersea-themed toilet.  This one was kind of weak:


Some others, including the "Captain's Log" one that was Mike's favorite:


And finally, my favorite, CHERRY PIE A LA COMMODE:
I am now officially including "enter toilet decorating contest" in my list of life goals.  Actually, let me revise that: I am now officially including "WIN toilet decorating contest" in my list of life goals.  There, much better.

More pictures of the fair here.

This Week in Internet: Cookies, Corgis, and Cosby

Behold: the punniest/awesomest cookie cutters IN THE WORLD.

How the Facebook "Like" button looks around the world.

This is totally what I should have done with my teenage wrong-number voicemail-leaver.

Corgi doing bellyflops was the cutest thing of the week; good find, Matt.

'90s corner: potential Backstreet Boys/New Kids tour; Where Are They Now: '90s Nickelodeon Hosts; Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence have a new sitcom

Remind me to come back to this site next time I'm bored.

Relax and enjoy, iPhone owners: the official Bill Cosby app is HERE. (thx, em)

I Start Training Tomorrow

When I was young, I always assumed it would occur to me one day, out of the blue, what I wanted to do with my life.  I just didn't know that the day would be August 19, 2010, and the thing would be competitive rabbit jumping.

This Week in Internet: Gmail, Jersey, and Hopsicles

Heading out to the beach for a long weekend.  Here are your links, a day early:

This guy totally beat Gmail.

Jersey Shore Halloween costumes: they're coming.

I love any popsicle recipe that involves beer and a samurai sword.  SOLD.

Yeah, I definitely saw this embarrassing ad on the Metro this week.

This Sharpie is gonna CHANGE MY LIFE. (thx, Em)

Here's everything you need to know about Neanderthal bedrooms.

This unicorn is a jerk!

I wish this was my diploma.