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Guidette Update

For Kelly, Who Bought Me a Present

Recently I went to see Kelly, who excitedly informed me that she had a present to give me.  Yesss!  I love presents.  This is what she handed me:

I am not even being sarcastic when I say that I LOVE receiving presents that still have their $1.00 price tag on them.  I mean, a tiny guidette figurine I could grow in water?  Obviously that is an essential thing for every 27-year-old to own.  I tucked my new possession into my purse and we headed for dinner.

Cut to yesterday.  I was at work, rummaging through my purse, when I came across the grow-a-guidette.  I had totally forgotten she was in there!  It was time to get to work.  I consulted the instructions on the back of the package.

Three days?  That is a long time!  I had to get to work immediately.  I found an empty water bottle and filled it.

FxCam_1283282625019Next, I took the tiny guidette out of the package.  I include this next picture both so you can see how small she is, and so I can show off my fave new nail polish shade.

And here is "before" guidette hanging out with the August 31 chihuahua on my beloved dog calendar.

Once the Before photoshoot was over, it was time to send our gal for a swim.  I gently put her into the water bottle.  She immediately sank to the bottom and landed in a somewhat distressing facedown position.

Here is the aerial view:
FxCam_1283282893408I spent the next five minutes holding the bottle up, scrutinizing its contents, and willing my guidette to grow.  I noticed no immediate changes.  I was skeptical.

At the end of the day, she still looked the same.  Even though the package said it would take three days, I had still thought maybe my guidette would be faster.  I was wrong.  I left for the night.

Cut to this morning.  I checked on guidette first thing.  She was bigger!  I jiggled the bottle to put her in a happier, face-up position.  Witness her current size:FxCam_1283354371969

According to the instructions, she should nearly double in size again tonight.  I am excited to check on her tomorrow, and I will obviously report back on her progress.


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James Buchanan

that is an AWESOME color i adorezzzz it

James Buchanan

and let us NOT forget that the present came from five below, which is an amazing establishment


You need the clean water only the 'Garden State' can provide.

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