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I Should Have Followed My Instincts

I'm feeling especially bitter right now, because someone has taken a business idea I once had and HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present:, the most amazing online business ever.

Now, I totally had the idea to sell something called Even Luckier Charms when I was younger.  It was just the marshmallows.  (Probably a lot of kids had this idea; it's not that hard to eat Lucky Charms and come up with the concept of wanting more of the part that tastes good.)  But now, some guy has taken that basic idea and turned it into an extremely well-executed, state-of-the-art web business.  Consider his mission statement:

Here at Cereal Marshmallows Our Goal is to Deliver you the absolute best and Crunchiest marshmallows available and I believe that is just what we have. I searched the World Over Japan, China Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, UK, Australia, NOWHERE could I Get a Crunchy Crispy Marshmallow I ordered everything you could imagine and tried to get manufacturers to make it for me to no avail. I ended up with a pile of soft Yucky marshmallows big enough to fill a Dozen Trash bags Then Right here in the USA I found the perfect Marshmallow only Problem was I had to order over 10,000 pounds WOW and Marshmallows are LIGHT this is a SEMI Truck full well a big step but nonetheless one we made and now we sell out every 4 months or so I’m sure you will love these marshmallows

Man.  This guy went to Japan AND China Mexico.  He really did his research.  And he also has a lot of great recipes to share.  My favorite is the one for "Cereal Marshmallow Macaroni and Cheese:"

Cereal Marshmallow macaroni and Cheese: WHAT… Yea yea yea I know but I am only Reporting what I hear you may want to try this or GOD knows whatever other creation with the Cereal Marshmallows

This guy is gonna be a millionaire.


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James Buchanan

I love China Mexico they have such delicious cuisine

the mayor

You've highlighted a lot of people with business ideas that were probably imagined while stoned, but this guy goes the extra step of designing his website while stoned. I like it! Sign me up for the marshmallow pancakes.


I love that pretty much all crazy people capitalize words that are not meant to be capitalized.

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