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This Week in Internet: Hate Mail, Hybrids, and Spoken Snoop

The Internet Always Comes Through

OK, please don't tell me I have reached my Saved by the Bell-referencing quota for the week, because I have something else to share. This all started last week when I was watching Part I of the Top Chef finale (don't worry, no spoilers). The finale took place in Singapore, and for the elimination challenge they had to cook and serve food at a place in Sentosa called the Tanjong Beach Club. While the challenge is going on, we see the waiters for the challenge all lined up like this:
Top chef singapore

(screencap grabbed from bwe)

And I was like, "WHOA. Is 'Tanjong' Chinese for 'Malibu Sands?' Because between the striped polos and the beach club situation and the standing-in-a-line, I just got the strongest SBTB-ja-vu everrrr." I wanted to point this out, but unfortunately, after some Googling, I could not find the exact SBTB screencap I was looking for to complete my visual analogy--that is, until today. This morning, I was randomly browsing the Internet and came across this list of funny Saved by the Bell screencaps, which were sourced from this blog, LOLSlater. And after scrolling exactly halfway down the page at LOLSlater, what did I see? This:

The missing link
THE EXACT SCENE I'D HAD IN MIND exactly one week ago when I was trying to make my Top Chef-SBTB comparison! I was/still am extremely mentally soothed to be able to close the loop on this comparison. All I had wanted was to be able to put those two pictures side by side, chuckle lightly to myself 2-3 times, and go on with my life. And now I can.

Our internet is a kind internet.


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