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An Important Anniversary

Guys, Home Alone is 20 years old. Let's celebrate the only way we know how: with a list of completely random shit. (This is clearly my preferred format for celebrating fine movies; recall this post about King Ralph.)

1. Here is Roger Ebert's review of the movie from November 16, 1990. It's kind of funny, because he mostly calls it implausible and chides John Hughes' screenplay for being unrealistic. For example, he says: "If Home Alone had limited itself to the things that might possibly happen to a forgotten 8-year-old, I think I would have liked it more." What? How could that have possibly made for a good movie? A real kid would have cried for like 25 minutes and then called the police or a trusted friend. Kid Cries and Gets Help Alone would have been the actual worst movie ever.

2. This list of 12 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Home Alone is great. Key facts about everything from Buzz's girlfriend to the evil furnace can be found.

3. I keep forgetting about my lifetime goal of ordering a bunch of yellow satin jackets and going to a Halloween/costume party with a group of people dressed as John Candy's polka band.* Can I trust all of you to help me remember this?


Wanted: this jacket

4. I didn't find out until too late about this Twitter reenactment of Home Alone, which happened yesterday. However, it is still worth your while to go back through it and see awesome tweets like this:

Twitter : Kevin McCallister: hedge clippers to the zip ..._1292540265672

*In case you're trying to remember the name of the band right now, it's the Kenosha Kickers.


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Chicks don't like it when you look at pictures of them and say, "Woof!"

Lesson learned.



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