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WHOA, Has It Already Been 12 Hours Since I Last Posted About Hand Models?

Hand Models: Officially Not the Sanest People

Perhaps you remember this article from a few weeks back about hand model Kimbra Hickley, whose hands are featured holding an apple on the cover of Twilight. My impression at the time was that Kimbra--who admitted to doing things like going up to random people on the subway and telling them those were her hands on the cover of their books--was, like, the craziest hand model ever.

Kimbra, this is my formal apology to you. You are only the second craziest hand model ever. Please meet Ellen Sirot, interviewed here for a CBS news piece:

The clip actually appears to be from sometime in 2008, but fortunately, Ellen's is a timeless kind of crazy that only gets better with time.


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