An Important Anniversary
Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Dashing Through the Snow

This Week in Internet: Soup, Sprinkles, and Snow

The Big Picture's Year in Pictures feature is pretty awesome. Here are parts one, two, and three. (thx, Em)

This cool Christmas tree is made out of books, which also means it's made out of . . . other trees.

xkcd is always funny, but this one made me laugh extra hard.

40 Photos of Dogs Freaking Out in the Snow. Be sure to check Pancake Breakfast tomorrow for one more dog in the snow!

Chinese archaeologists uncover 2,400-year-old soup. Sounds delish!

Is "chalant" the opposite of "nonchalant?"

Oh--here's a bison riding in a car. NBD.

Britain's ugliest dog is the ugliest ugly dog I have seen in a while.

Lastly, I do not think I can overstate the cuteness of this video of a ladybug playing with sprinkles:


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I'm on board with using chalant as the opposite of nonchalant (a la Jack Winter).

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