Hand Models: Officially Not the Sanest People
We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Hand Model Programming for a Little Nephew Update

WHOA, Has It Already Been 12 Hours Since I Last Posted About Hand Models?

Today Emily notified me that the clip I posted yesterday is actually pulled from a longer CBS News piece profiling three different hand models. This brings me to my first point: why is there no word in the English language for "the joy you feel when you realize that a glorious clip you saw yesterday of a hand model talking about her hands is actually part of an eight-minute segment on SEVERAL hand models talking about ALL OF THEIR HANDS?" Because we need that word.

This video gives us more background on Ellen, who owns 500 pairs of gloves and seems to have given birth to a daughter solely because she wanted to have someone be able to buckle her shoes for her. Additionally, we also meet Christina, whose "god-given gift is a broad nailbed," and Leland, who excels at squeezing lemons in Red Lobster commercials in such a fashion that the juice does not get on his thumb.

Here is the full segment:

[Link: http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=4063913n&tag=related;photovideo]

Is this as enthralling for you all as it is for me? Because I would watch an entire reality series about these people.


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Oh my gawd. Keep up the hand model posts. Hell, make this a hand modeling blog. I am in love with this shit.


Hahaha--as I was posting this, I was seriously thinking, "If I see one more clip like this, I may need to start a sideblog tracking hand model behavior."


THIS IS AMAZING. Ellen Sirkot is like a SNL skit come to life. Thank you for this.


I am seriously sooooo glad you guys share my enthusiasm for this woman

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