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Better Vocabulary Through Horrible People

So, a long time ago I signed up to get these Word-of-the-Day e-mails from I've never unsubscribed, because getting a new word sent to you each morning is great. One of two things happens:

  1. You already know the word, and you get to feel smug and smart (best outcome!); or
  2. You learn a new word (consolation prize).

I also watch the various seasons of Bravo's Real Housewives franchise a lot. I know most people think the housewives are awful and the show is terrible, but they are only half right: the housewives are awful and the show is awesome. The current season (Beverly Hills) may, in fact, be the most awesome yet (although New Jersey Season 1 is tough to top). 

How do these two topics relate? Well, at some point in the past week or so, I decided I could better justify my enthusiasm for this awful, superficial show if I could also use it to learn my daily vocab word. So now, each morning when I receive my e-mail from, I try to make myself use it in a valid, Real Housewives-themed sentence. Here are a couple of examples:


 \ shuh-TOI-uhnt \  , adjective;

1. Having changeable lustre; twinkling.

 2. (Of a gem, esp a cabochon) displaying a band of light reflected off inclusions of other minerals.

SENTENCE: The chatoyant tinsel extensions in Adrienne's hair cast a reflection on the wall as she argued with her plastic surgeon husband about whether to order turkey chili.
\ KAT-suhn-jam-er \  , noun;

1. The discomfort and illness experienced as the aftereffects of excessive drinking
2. Uneasiness; anguish; distress.
3. Uproar; clamor.
SENTENCE: Camille's cuckoo friend Allison must have been experiencing some serious katzenjammer the day after the infamous dinner party from hell.
\ sok-DOL-uh-jer \  , noun;

1. A decisive reply, argument.
2. Something unusually large, heavy, etc. 
3. A heavy, finishing blow.

SENTENCE: Kyle seemed to have the upper hand in her fight with Camille, until Camille issued a real sockdolager: a text message with the news that Kelsey Grammer would no longer be using Kyle's husband as his real estate agent.


This method has significantly increased my retention of new vocab words over the past several days. I encourage you to give it a try.


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I look at the various conditions of their actual average women business a lot. I know most individuals think the regular folks are dreadful and the display is dreadful.

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