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 . . . Obviously joking. This post is about puppies! And not just any puppies--PUPPY BOWL PUPPIES! The starting lineup for Puppy Bowl VII was announced today via adorable slideshow. I have taken the liberty of doing some scouting/analysis of the 2011 recruits; below are some preliminary awards/ recognition I have seen fit to bestow on a few of the pups. 

Dog That Is Most Worried About the Responsibilities Associated with Being in a Puppy Bowl


Don't worry, Booda. I've been watching Puppy Bowls for a long time, and I am pleased to verify that you have what it takes to succeed in this event.

Oh My God, Look at Those Ears-iest



I was seriously searching the page for an "Add to Cart" button when I saw this one.

Oh My God, But Look at THOSE Ears-iest


And look at his fuzzy, fuzzy fur!

Most Likely to Have Me Write Fanfic About Their Adventures Together


 Big Red and


Little Red

BRB, writing Big Red and Little Red: The Post-Puppy Bowl Years.




Choosing to believe that this little scruffster was named after Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Obvious Personal Favorite



Calvin has the highest Pancake Resemblance Rating, so he is ca-learly my fave. Yay for terrier mixes!

There are plenty more puppehs in the full lineup, so obvi you are required to go check them all out and tell me your fave. Like, now.


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James Buchanan

OBVIOUSLY I agree with your Puppy Choices. Other notable dogs include:
Maddie - should go on a puppy date with Charlie
Mae - most likely to secretly be Falkor
Chih - little puffsterrrr
CB - OMG funny face


Also, MOVIE BUFF Oliver, who is already stretching in preparation

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