One Down, 14 to Go
Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Little Scruffy

This Week in Internet: Devon Sawa, and Willow Smith Playing Oregon Trail with a Corgi

Rando discovery of the week: Devon Sawa is on Twitter.

A list of common Android annoyances and how to fix them.

Hero of the week is Matt for sending me

This story about the creation/history of Oregon Trail is in my "to read" folder. Haven't gotten to it yet, but passing it on in the belief that it can't not be good.

Tumblr of the week: Fake Jeopardy! Interview Intros. (thx, Em)

These Pantone cookies look kind of amazing.

Five Emotions Invented by the Internet.

Did it really take the internet this long to mash up Willow Smith and Devo? I feel like this kind of stuff should appear instantly.

Word of the day of the week: concupiscible.


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