It Should Go Without Saying That I Have No Soul, Either
Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: He Knows How to Have a Good Time

This Week in Internet: GIFs, Salad, Men in Sweaters

GIF of the week: This Is Internet
Speaking of GIFs, here are The Best Animated Sports GIFs of 2010. (thx, MB)
Apparently the University of Maryland has a competitive eating team. I think Kelly and I were accidentally training for it that semester when we would only eat at the buffet dining hall because it had karaoke.
Women laughing alone with salad is almost as funny as salad itself apparently is.
Does "U.S. Patent-Themed Embroidery" sound like it would be excellent? Because it is.
Ummmm, where does one get a subscription to this fine publication?
Alex Ovechkin and Semyon Varlamov's new ESPN ad is great.
And here are all the cute/funny animal links together so you can easily ignore them if you are Nancy O'Dead Inside:

Enjoy the weekend like you're a '90s kid trapped in an eternal repeating cycle of one awesome dance move.


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