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2011 Oscar Fashion Recap

Because I have as much right to critique the Oscars as anyone who dozed off approximately one hour into the broadcast, here are my official comments on the most important part: the clothes.

Natalie Portman

Natalie portman
Dressing around a pregnancy can be difficult, but critics agreed that Portman really nailed it in this drapey plum Rodarte with "BITCHES U KNOW I'M GONNA WIN" emblazoned on the baby bump. Resplendent!

Cate Blanchett

Cate blanchett
So, the gallery I saw this in described Cate Blanchett as "always a fashion plate," and after I read that, I was like OMG. THAT IS ACTUALLY WHAT SHE LOOKS LIKE A HERE. A PLATE. A FASHION ONE. I mean, I kinda do like this dress, but wow--she really does look like what a plate would have turned into at the end of Beauty and the Beast when the household objects got to become human again, right? Yes. I'm right. 

Helen Mirren

Helen mirren
She should seriously change her name from "Dame Helen Mirren" to "Damnnn, Helen Mirren."

Penelope Cruz

Penelope cruz
So, I had to stare at this for like six minutes before I realized what was bothering me about it, but then it hit me. This is the exact costume that would be worn by the person playing Jupiter in a production of The Solar System on Ice. Like, exactly. The Great Red Spot is there and everything.

(Sidenote: why is there no such thing as a Solar System on Ice show?)

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

Nicole kidman keith urban

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are lucky they are famous, because otherwise they would be one of those couples people are always awkwardly mistaking for brother and sister. (Or maybe even sister and sister. Keith Urban's face is, like, 40% more feminine than mine is.)

Also, Andrea, you are correct: the official three-letter description of this dress is WTF.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese witherspoon
I liked this dress!

In 2001.

At my prom.

Anne Hathaway and Sandra Bullock

Anne hathaway,jpg
Sandra bullock
I am grouping these two ladies together. If they had looked any more alike last night, they would have been Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth paltrow
Looks like soooooomebody heard I was casting Solar System on Ice and is gunning for the part of Mercury. Subtle, Gwynnie--rrrrreal subtle.

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett johansson
Remember when everyone used to be obsessed with ScarJo? Right now that time seems about as far away as the beet farm beauty pageant this dress should have been worn to.

Florence Welch

Florence welch
Very cool, if you like that "Tilda Swinton at a square dance" vibe. You don't? Ah, then. Sorry.

Sharon Stone

Sharon stone
Someone please tell her she's already scary.

Marisa Tomei

Marisa tomei
This dress starts off awkwardly, takes a weird turn about halfway through, and then just becomes an absolute trainwreck. OH, GOD: IT'S THE DRESS EQUIVALENT OF A CONVERSATION WITH ME.

Virginia Madsen

Vriginia madsen
Am I hallucinating, or is this the second time in recent memory that Virginia Madsen has shown up to something looking like Cruella De Vil? Can someone research that? Preferably not an L.A.-based dalmatian owner, though--you should be busy hiding your dog(s) right now.

Amy Adams

Amy adams
I like Amy Adams, and I enjoyed this combo of red hair and navy sparkle. Which is why I feel bad for . . .

Dale Dickey

Dale dickey
Same concept, but a little less cute.

Nancy O'Dell

Nancy odell

Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul Nancy O'Dell has no soul

. . . What? 

I'll close this recap with a GIF (source) of my fave moment of the night: Helena Bonham Carter reacting to hearing her own name called in the list of Best Supporting Actress nominations:

Helena bonham carter
Love her.


P.S. Thanks go to Emily for letting me bounce jokes off of her all day.

This Week in Internet: Ron Swanson, Idaho, Donald Duck


Above: A pug wearing pug slippers. But you realized that already.

I Am Confident That This Is the Best Thing Ever

Sooo, I'm reading through an "America's Next Top Model: Where Are They Now?" slideshow that I am not even going to link to here because I'm too embarrassed, and where one of the models is now is here: maintaining a Joey Fatone/David Arquette fan blog. Tagline: "A fanpage for all things Arquette- and Fatone-related."


Official Three-Day Weekend Link Catchup Post

Above: Capybara enjoys hot spa shower. Not sure how the science works, but something about watching water pour steadily onto a zenlike overgrown rat will solve every problem in your life.

In honor of the holiday, here's a highly educational post I wrote on President's Day five years ago. Thanks to Kelly for reminding me that it existed.

Attention, anything that can be described as an "elegant, simple, and adorable way to tranform yourself into a giant:" consider yourself as good as linked to by yours truly.

Infinite corgi swing. Need I say more? Like, ever?

Damn, girl.

Garbage Pail Kids wedding invitations. Solid.

Observation: Tyler Durden's outfits in Fight Club are "an imprint in the narrator's mind from the character Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) in the movie Trading Places."

One of the reasons I enjoyed the whole Watson thing on Jeopardy! last week was because it brought Ken Jennings back into the media again. Here is a great little piece of commentary he did for Slate about the experience.

Slideshow of the Best of Breed picks at Westminster. Link goes directly to a little cutie whose feet you can almost hear pattering across your screen.

This Week in Internet: Toilet Paper, Non-Myths, and Eddie the Koala

Above, Eddie the koala eats an apple. Easily the best video of the week.

Slate takes on the important issue of why women are always freezing.

List: 7 Myths Mythbusters Proved That We Still Can't Believe Are True.

Technically, the only two things you enjoy.

The Wikipedia entry on toilet paper orientation, with its 100+ references, is a true joy to read.

This video of a fox licking a window is going to make you laugh. I promise.

Word of the day of the week: ambisinister.

Thing That Needs to Be Real of the week: Arrested Development Clue board game.