Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Another Day, Another Extreme Closeup
I Am Confident That This Is the Best Thing Ever

Official Three-Day Weekend Link Catchup Post

Above: Capybara enjoys hot spa shower. Not sure how the science works, but something about watching water pour steadily onto a zenlike overgrown rat will solve every problem in your life.

In honor of the holiday, here's a highly educational post I wrote on President's Day five years ago. Thanks to Kelly for reminding me that it existed.

Attention, anything that can be described as an "elegant, simple, and adorable way to tranform yourself into a giant:" consider yourself as good as linked to by yours truly.

Infinite corgi swing. Need I say more? Like, ever?

Damn, girl.

Garbage Pail Kids wedding invitations. Solid.

Observation: Tyler Durden's outfits in Fight Club are "an imprint in the narrator's mind from the character Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) in the movie Trading Places."

One of the reasons I enjoyed the whole Watson thing on Jeopardy! last week was because it brought Ken Jennings back into the media again. Here is a great little piece of commentary he did for Slate about the experience.

Slideshow of the Best of Breed picks at Westminster. Link goes directly to a little cutie whose feet you can almost hear pattering across your screen.


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Yeah, Ken Jennings is great. He also did a hilarious chat for the Washington Post, which I recommend.


I read that, too! In fact, I noticed he polished up a couple jokes from the chat to include in the Slate piece.

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