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Year of the Brunch Update: Brunch No. 2


(Note: If you don't know what Year of the Brunch is, see here. Or don't. Basically, I made a New Year's resolution to eat more brunch.)

For brunch #2, I visited Firefly with my dear pals Megan and Emily. Because I did not get a pic of us together at brunch, here is one of the three of us on New Year's wearing overly matching outfits:


I am still just getting started with this resolution, but here is some advice I can already confidently impart: if you want to pick a resolution your friends will be willing to help you with, pick brunch. Nobody wants to help you get organized. Nobody wants to help you lose weight. EVERYONE wants to help you eat brunch.

While we're at it, here are a couple of other early brunch tips and realizations:

  1. Mimosas are great (and just $1 each on Sundays at Firefly, FYI).
  2. It never gets easier to choose between sweet and savory.
  3. Make sure at least one person orders something that comes with potatoes.

For this particular brunch, we had the following:

IMG_1456French toast with apples and raisins (mine)

IMG_1457French dip (Megan's)

IMG_1457Eggs a la I Forget What They're Called (Emily's)

. . . And a side of potatoes I neglected to photograph. The French Toast was Stellar McCartney, and my tastes of M&E's stuff were also yum. I was very pleased that we ordered such a balanced set of meals--two "br" and one "unch." And would you just look at how they bring you the check:


In a firefly jar!

With another brunch under my belt, I do believe it's time to update the Brunch-o-Meter:


January's two brunches have put me on a good pace; I have 11 months to complete the remaining 13. Perhaps you will join me for one?


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