A Totally McMahon Birthday Present
Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Can I Help You With Something?

This Week in Internet: Sneaks, Gummy Bears, Conjoined Twins

It's been an unbelievably busy few weeks starting up a new project (turns out working from home involves at least as much working as from-homing), but I'm sloooowly getting my life back in order--and by life, I of course mean "things I do on the internet." So, I have a few links this week!

And with that, it's time to BBQ hop.


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Grandpa Wiggly

More like, these past three months in internet. I should talk, I update my blog less than you. But at least I'm real!*

*Not a guarantee.

James Buchanan

This Seinfeld sneaker post is oddly compelling. Also, this picture so clearly shows the bad fashion of that era:

traditional sweets

I think its because of how you make it. Maybe when the gummy bears are formed in its shape it got stuck to each other.

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