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When Emily, Megan, and I were in the Miami airport for a multiple-hour layover en route to Costa Rica, we browsed in all the shops to kill time. This resulted in, among other things, us buying insane purse zipper charms with our names on them (mine was a fuschia and featured a tiger). They were clearly designed for children; fortunately, we are not the type of people who worry about such details.

Anyway, as we meandered through the duty free shop a bit later, we came across an elaborate display for some Victoria's Secret underwear called "Cheekies." (I'll refrain from posting a picture, since some of you view this blog on your work computers, and not all of you work for

Emily looked at the mannequin modeling said underwear and asked, "Are these named 'cheerkies' because they show your buttcheeks?"

Because I am a sarcastic asshole, I responded, "No, they are named after the scientist who invented them, Evelyn Cheekies . . . DUHHHH, YES, IT'S BECAUSE THEY SHOW YOUR ASS."

Well, there may not be an Evelyn Cheekie in the annals of history, but there is a Jules Leotard, an Evelyn Bloomer, and an Earl of Cardigan. I learned about them and more in this slideshow of People Who Became Nouns, which I recommend taking a look at.

Maybe McMahon will never become a Noun, but I could see it being a verb that means "to lash out sarcastically at one's friends."


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Capitol to Capital

Reminds me of the Bette Midler song about Otto Titsling and Philip de Brasierre.


I hate to out myself here but it was I not Emily who asked about the name "cheekers" and then promptly brought up Otto Titsling and Beaches.


Ha ha, "annals"...

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