Would Obviously Do It All Over Again
Saturday Morning Pancake Breakfast: WE'RE PLAYING OUTSIDE! IT'S GREAT!

Links on a Thursday? Unheard Of!

Here's a 1956 TV appearance of a man who, at 96, was (at the time) the only living witness of Lincoln's assassination. Interesting clip because of the historical slant AND the fact that the game show is HEAVILY sponsored by Winston cigarettes and the prize includes a carton of cigarettes, which would not fly today. Also, the dude is from Maryland, so heyyyy, just sayin, I got a good amount of mileage out of this one.

Also, don't worry: we're sending Legos to Jupiter.

Word of the Day of the Week: aesopian.

14 Amazing Photos of Dogs Shaking Off Water. Does what it says on the can.

Twaggies, a site that illustrates good tweets, had a couple nice ones this week--like this and this.

Love this Ron Swanson paper doll.

Basement Jaxx as classical music.

This house made from a converted train caboose is pretty neat, but maybe sliiiightly claustrophobia-inducing.

What some cities would look like with narrower streets. I don't know why this is interesting, but it sooooo is.

Ohhh, and FYI: parrots name their babies.

PUPPY PICTURES! This cracked me up.


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