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The Armageddon Debate: Dave's Opening Statement

Programming Note

Let me take a moment, if I may, to bring you up to speed on a little Twitter convo that took place yesterday. After watching my pal @DaveG34 make a couple of disparaging remarks about Armageddon, one of my all-time pet favorite movies, I decided to challenge him to a formal debate on the topic. Dave graciously accepted, and after hashing out terms, we decided I would host the debate on this blog and our mutual friend @EmGusk would serve as moderator.

Dave and I are preparing our opening statements right now, and they will be posted here when ready. Stay tuned, because you woooon't wanna miss a thinnnnng.


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Buddy Love

Totally on your side on this one. Ensemble cast, great special effects, and a plot line that you don't (and probably shouldn't) think about. Perfect recipe for a Saturday hangover.

Its detractors will tell you that the plot sucks or that the science isn't real. The response? WHO CARES! People who can't enjoy mindless entertainment are taking life too seriously.

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