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Conversations You Have When Your Sister Is a Psychology Teacher

(This is in reference to a story about how, very early on in my first ever professional job, I ripped my cheap pants clear open when dropping to a squat in the file room to grab some binders and then had to spend the rest of the day holding said binders over my ass whenever I walked down the hall.)

Kate: told your story about being at work and splitting your pants in my afternoon classes
  it was so relevant, and the only example I could come up with
  it worked so well with my 6th pd, that I had to use it for my 7th as well
me: relevant to WHAT
Kate: Explanatory Style and Locus of Control
me: not sure what that all means
Kate: they loved it
 it basically means you're someone who didn't fall apart even though that was really embarassing
me: oh, awesome
  i thought it meant i had no locus of control over my pants

In all honesty, this is probably the most complimentary outcome you can expect to a conversation that starts with someone saying they just finished systematically telling 70 people about the time you split your pants open.



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Notice she didn't relay her similar story when she fainted between basketball games and split her pants.


Oh wait, hers wouldn't apply because she didn't carry on. She had me bring her home instead of staying for the next game.


I don't think anything is really in your control when you faint...

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