Well, This Is Extremely Important
Sunday Morning Pancake Breakfast: Stalker

Happy Halloween from the Pan-o-saur


I am so getting murdered in my sleep tonight.

The real reason the dinosaurs became extinct: massive, species-eradicating depression.

Don't feel tooooo bad for him. He does this for 10 minutes and gets another year of food, room and board out of the deal. (I euphemistically refer to our Halloween photo session as Pancake's "lease renewal.")

Happy Halloween!


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OK, I love it, but banana is still my favorite.


banana is my fave too!!!

James Buchanan

awwww mr sad pans


no way, master splinter takes the cake. i mean, total doppelganger.

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yeap )) dragon- dog XD XD XD


Aww, that is totally cute!!!

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halloween doggy style xD

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Julia Richards

Amazing! I thought the it seen like a dragon- dog it is what I was looking for.

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