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The Narration on This Video Is Amazing

Having watched COUNTLESS dog/cat/whathaveyou videos on YouTube over the years (aaaand produced a few, let's be honest), I can say that one of my favorite things about these videos is seeing what approach the pet owner/amateur videographer takes to directing his video. Some people breathe heavily or laugh intermittently in the background; others choose to narrate their pets' antics, which always cracks me up because, like, you do not need to explain that your kitten is yawning because he's tired. 

But this guy--

--may have just changed my mind by providing the most insanely obvious, yet totally amazing extended narration of his cat blending in with a blanket. He finds a way to fill up ONE HUNDRED and FIFTY THREE SECONDS with detailed commentary on the situation. I found myself unable to stop watching until the end--even though it takes about two seconds for the point of the video (cat look like blanket!) to register--because I just wanted to see what more the man could possibly say about the situation.

Bravo, guy. I expect a sequel.


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Peter Digglewink

In the annals of American history, there have been many great bands. The Chili Peppers have not been one of them. In the anals of American history, however, they fit in perfectly.

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