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An Ultimate Grand Supreme GIF Wall for My Favorite Toddlers & Tiaras Contestant Ever

I don't know if you watch Toddlers & Tiaras or if you have some other way of being Horrible that's more personal and special to you (pshh, bet your vice doesn't let you make up cool words like Toddenfreude), but Alana from last week's episode is a must-see. She is an outlier even in a population where being average means having been born during the Obama presidency but already wearing makeup, fake eyelashes, and prosthetic beauty teeth on a regular basis.

She is my new queen.

This video, provided by Best Week Ever in an early contender for Public Service Journalism Act of the Year, will change your life forever: 

I watched this vid about 20 (coughmillioncough) times late last week and discussed it at length with several friends, including my bud/GIFsmith Matt. Matt proceeded to make a gorgeous batch of Alana GIFs, which I am sharing with you the best way I know how: in an ALANA GIF WALLLLLL!

You can also click on any gif to open the (slightly enlarged) source version to download, link, or print out and burn.

(Warning: this may take a fewwww seconds to load.)











Annnnd we'll close on an appropriate note:

Tip of the hat, bitches. I'm OUT.


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Yay! This is great. I would have really appreciated a gif of the shot of the mom when you first see her coaching Alana. PEACE! (you can't tell but I'm giving you a peace sign over my outstretched arm).


oh, i could TOTALLY tell

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