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World's Ugliest Dog Competition Continues to Prove that I am Incapable of Thinking Dogs Aren't Cute

Like the Oscars, Grammys, or a BOGO sale on Triscuits, the annual World's Ugliest Dog competition is one of those things I consider to be this blog's journalistic wheelhouse. So when I saw this picture of the 2012 winner, Mugly, I GOT HERE AS FAST AS I COULD.

Soooo . . . THIS GUY. First off, Mugly is a great name. The British/Union Jack theme is first class and, with the coming London Olympics, extremely timely. I think what really wins me over in this pic is his ramrod posture and stoic facial expression. He's a little soldier of ugly. And this fight is totes worth fighting.

Here is a shot of the little guy's amazing facial hair. We call this style 'the broken tennis racket:'

Overall, on my comprehensive ranking of ugly dogs, I would probably put him between Nana and Rascal.

Here are a few pics of some of Mugly's competition:


  1. This is clearly just a human t-shirt withan extra hole cut in the middle.
  2. My dog and my roommate's dog have NO idea of the consequences of me seeing this picture. But they will. Soon.

I would believe you if you told me those sausage links were actually coming out of this dog as yet another of his deformities. (P.S.: Yes, eagle eye, that is former winner RASCAL)

146708979_8 (1)

This dog was confused and thought it was an Adrien Brody lookalike contest. 


Well, I happen to think this lil guy is adorable. Which makes him a TERRIBLE COMPETITOR! 

628x471 (1)

Grovie the pug has seen some things. Like a mirror. (JK he's adorableeee)

There are more pics here and after looking at them, "attend World's Ugliest Dog Competition" is now Sharpied onto my list of things to do in life. 


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