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Hi, I Made a Craft

I thought these lanterns made out of spaghetti sauce jars were pretty nifty, so I used what I had lying around (IKEA Rajtan spice jars I bought years ago and never used) to create a mini version:


(My picnic table is rustic, not dirty.)

The basic method is to paint the inside with glass paint (use a brush), and then bloop some gold paint on the outside in a design (use an applicator tip). Read the link for more detailed instructions and to see that I did not invent the term 'blooping.'


This paint color was called Amber and it was on clearance, probably because Amber the musician has not been cool since the '90s.

This color was called "Prussian Blue" and it was also on clearance, but that makes more sense because Prussia doesn't exist anymore.

This is a mixture of the other two colors. We will call it Ottoman Empire Green so that some day it can be on clearance, too.

Here they are with some tea lights shoved in, although frankly this picture didn't turn out amazing:

But you get the idea, and you can tell how mini they are. I think I might prefer the tiny size--which is good, because it would have taken me like nine years to eat three jars of spaghetti sauce.

If you want to try it, I have one tip to offer. The glass paint went on really gloopily the first time I tried it, so I recommend using only a tiny bit on your brush at a time and only doing a second coat (if desired) when the first is dry.