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This Week in Internet: Sneaks, Gummy Bears, Conjoined Twins

It's been an unbelievably busy few weeks starting up a new project (turns out working from home involves at least as much working as from-homing), but I'm sloooowly getting my life back in order--and by life, I of course mean "things I do on the internet." So, I have a few links this week!

And with that, it's time to BBQ hop.

This Week in Internet: Ron Swanson, Idaho, Donald Duck


Above: A pug wearing pug slippers. But you realized that already.

Official Three-Day Weekend Link Catchup Post

Above: Capybara enjoys hot spa shower. Not sure how the science works, but something about watching water pour steadily onto a zenlike overgrown rat will solve every problem in your life.

In honor of the holiday, here's a highly educational post I wrote on President's Day five years ago. Thanks to Kelly for reminding me that it existed.

Attention, anything that can be described as an "elegant, simple, and adorable way to tranform yourself into a giant:" consider yourself as good as linked to by yours truly.

Infinite corgi swing. Need I say more? Like, ever?

Damn, girl.

Garbage Pail Kids wedding invitations. Solid.

Observation: Tyler Durden's outfits in Fight Club are "an imprint in the narrator's mind from the character Louis Winthorpe III (Dan Aykroyd) in the movie Trading Places."

One of the reasons I enjoyed the whole Watson thing on Jeopardy! last week was because it brought Ken Jennings back into the media again. Here is a great little piece of commentary he did for Slate about the experience.

Slideshow of the Best of Breed picks at Westminster. Link goes directly to a little cutie whose feet you can almost hear pattering across your screen.

This Week in Internet: Toilet Paper, Non-Myths, and Eddie the Koala

Above, Eddie the koala eats an apple. Easily the best video of the week.

Slate takes on the important issue of why women are always freezing.

List: 7 Myths Mythbusters Proved That We Still Can't Believe Are True.

Technically, the only two things you enjoy.

The Wikipedia entry on toilet paper orientation, with its 100+ references, is a true joy to read.

This video of a fox licking a window is going to make you laugh. I promise.

Word of the day of the week: ambisinister.

Thing That Needs to Be Real of the week: Arrested Development Clue board game.

This Week in Internet: Chimps Using Groupons to Buy Paper Dolls

Click here and see if you are one of the seven in ten humans who can identify a dominant female chimp when faced with two choices.
This guy doesn't like the name Groupon and claims it is both irritating and slightly unpleasant. Disagree! I like it.
Horses are hard to draw. Hands are hard to draw. Bikes are hard to draw. Here is a horse with hands on a bike.
Arrested Development paper dolls. Don't worry, Tobias has his jean shorts.
These Muppet balloon animals are pretty impressive.
Having trouble thinking of shorter words to use in your Tweets? Have a Thsrs!
Some lists: 

Assorted kitties and other animals:

This Week in Internet: Devon Sawa, and Willow Smith Playing Oregon Trail with a Corgi

Rando discovery of the week: Devon Sawa is on Twitter.

A list of common Android annoyances and how to fix them.

Hero of the week is Matt for sending me corgiaddict.com

This story about the creation/history of Oregon Trail is in my "to read" folder. Haven't gotten to it yet, but passing it on in the belief that it can't not be good.

Tumblr of the week: Fake Jeopardy! Interview Intros. (thx, Em)

These Pantone cookies look kind of amazing.

Five Emotions Invented by the Internet.

Did it really take the internet this long to mash up Willow Smith and Devo? I feel like this kind of stuff should appear instantly.

Word of the day of the week: concupiscible.

This Week in Internet: I Want to See a Documentary About a Baby Drinking Grapefruit Juice in an Oven Chair While Watching 30 Rock

 Just a few links this week:

Ebert's Best Documentaries of 2010. I really need to go tend my Netflix queue.

Every 30 Rock Character from Least Funny to Funniest. I don't agree with the ordering, but it's worth a look.

This picture cracked me up so hard.

. . . As did this special, animated Cyanide & Happiness strip.

Baby Drinking Grapefruit Juice will surely go over well with those of you who enjoyed Babies Eating Lemons for the First Time.

Yes, you can now file "oven that's actually a lounge chair" in the "things that exist" folder.

These kinds of things just sprout up when you leave the internet to its devices for a while.

This Week in Internet: GIFs, Salad, Men in Sweaters

GIF of the week: This Is Internet
Speaking of GIFs, here are The Best Animated Sports GIFs of 2010. (thx, MB)
Apparently the University of Maryland has a competitive eating team. I think Kelly and I were accidentally training for it that semester when we would only eat at the buffet dining hall because it had karaoke.
Women laughing alone with salad is almost as funny as salad itself apparently is.
Does "U.S. Patent-Themed Embroidery" sound like it would be excellent? Because it is.
Ummmm, where does one get a subscription to this fine publication?
Alex Ovechkin and Semyon Varlamov's new ESPN ad is great.
And here are all the cute/funny animal links together so you can easily ignore them if you are Nancy O'Dead Inside:

Enjoy the weekend like you're a '90s kid trapped in an eternal repeating cycle of one awesome dance move.

Sentence of the Day

"Nearly 20,000 camels from the UAE and other Gulf Arab countries have converged on Abu Dhabi’s western region for one of the world’s biggest camel beauty contests involving prizes worth nearly $9.5 million."


Wait--one of???? Oh, yes. Later in the article: "Camel beauty contests and races are among the most popular events in the Arabian Peninsula, along with falconing and other desert activities."

BRB, researching camel beauty pageants (and "other desert activities").