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Halloween Recap

I've already shared Pancake's Halloween pictures, but just finally got around to posting and captioning the Flickr set for Kelly and Doug's Halloween party in Bmore.

This year Kelly, Doug, and I had an elaborate idea to go dressed as Mario Kart characters for Halloween, but due to some extenuating circumstances (car accident, big proposal at work, three freelance proposals, inability to find a Princess Daisy-esque wig, etc.) that made my week hell, I bailed on Wednesday night, two days before the party.  As Kelly and I brainstormed replacement costume ideas that night over the phone during ANTM commercial breaks, it became evident that there was no costume that I was not too apathetic to partake in.

Except one.

Kitty cats.
IMG_8233 Not the most creative costume ever, but the Meowing was fun.

In other news, my nephew had TWO costumes for his first Halloween.  Pick your fave!
Caedan dino
 Caedan lion

Party Bus and Party Baby

Posted some sets to Flickr today. 

On Saturday I had the distinct pleasure of riding in something called a Party Bus.  A Party Bus, for those of you who've not had the pleasure, is a ginormous bus filled with alcohol, seedy lighting, and rowdy twenty-somethings.  It is also officially the mode of transportation that elicits the best facial expressions from my sister: 

"The Over the Shoulder" The "Nice Bone Structure" And finally, "The Princess Bitch Stare" Cool faces
Other Party Bus pictures are here.

I also put up a set of recent family photos, including some of my nephew's six-month birthday party.  In case you're wondering if he's still cute--


--the answer is YES.

The Internet Equivalent of Sitting You on My Lawn and Making You Watch a Slideshow

I'm ba-aaaack!

Costa Rica was beautiful.  I took a crapload of pictures, which I have whittled down into four Flickr sets.  The first one is the big, main photo set with all of the stuff we did; also, there are three smaller sets with people and buildings, animals, and plants and nature and whatnot.

Here are some favorite pics:

Sign outside of Denny's

I really loved this "No Prostitution" sign hanging outside of the Denny's in San Jose--like, is that really necessary?  In all my life, I have never walked out of a Denny's thinking, "You know what would go great with that greasy sausage and bad coffee?  A hooker!"

Maybe it's a cultural thing.

We stayed one night in a town called La Fortuna, which is at the base of Arenal, an active volcano. We could see the volcano from our hotel room, and so when I woke up briefly at 5 a.m. to pee, I peeked out the curtains to see what it looked like at sunrise.  On my way back to bed I snapped a picture of the view.

Arenal at sunrise

When I got back into bed, all I could think was, "I wonder when in my life I will get another opportunity to truthfully and logically refer to taking a 'bathroom/volcanic photography break.'"  I hope soon.

They were so cute

On my trip I got to see many, many monkeys.  These two were in Manuel Antonio National Park, and it reminds me of why they are such a fascinating animal: monkeys manage to look so human--and so NOT human--at the same time, and it's really weird.  Like, if you look at it one way this momma monkey is all exotic and wild and stuff, but then you also remember that her expression is the exact same one you use when you're trying to remember where you parked your car.

Many, many crocodilos

We also saw a bunch of crocodiles.

One thing I made sure to buy before the trip was a disposable underwater camera, because I have always wanted to take one of those cool underwater pictures of myself. Thanks to Laura's underwater photography skills, I can now check that goal off my list:

Underwater cam pic

If I had a snorkel and fins, that would have "Vacation Stock Photo" written all over it.

Some other totally vacation-y images:

Push off

Laura being pushed off the platform on our zipline tour

That's definitely a vacation drink

Laura again, with the world's most vacation-y drink


Down at the beach in Tortuguero

Kate and Laura on the beach


Kate is ultra-relaxed

Kate in the hotel pool

Check out the rest of the collection here, if you're interested.


OMG, I Totally Have Married Friends Now

My friends Ashley and Matt got married Sunday in an unbelievably pretty ceremony on the Chesapeake Bay.  It was actually really, really annoying, because they are our first friends to get married and they had the perfect ceremony and location, so now the rest of us are screwed and no matter what we do it's going to look about as glamorous as Senior Night at the bowling alley in comparison.  Here's what we we're up against:




Yeah.  Oh well. 

There were some great perks of attending a wedding on the Chesapeake Bay though, the first of which was that every picture looked like a promo from some new CW show about 20somethings in a marina town. 


Secondly, the favors were Old Bay seasoning, which is really clever and Maryand-y.  It's also great news to me because having a tin of Old Bay actually doubles my spice collection.  That's good news; my Season-All was getting lonely.


A third great thing about the wedding was that Kelly was ALWAYS crying.  Girl just could not keep it together.  This has less to do with the location/theme and more to do with the fact that she is basically made up of 99% feelings and 1% texturizing hair products, but it was still funny.  Every time I turned around she was on the verge of crying again.


Even I teared up at one point, though, so I guess I can't really blame her.

There are many more pictures of the wedding here, and I keep looking at them and marveling at the fact that we are all becoming such grown-ups.  However, when that happens I simply refer to these pictures of the party the night before and think OK, maybe we're not that old yet.  Otherwise, how could you explain this:


Awesome Ad


Saw this on the street a week ago and thought it was the funniest thing ever.  I don't know what it is about it that makes me laugh so hard, but there's something hilarious going on.

LMNOP Investigates

Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but doesn't it seem like the buttons on this gas pump are specifically arranged to trick you into buying more expensive Plus gasoline?


When is Plus ever on the left?  Every other pump I have ever seen has the gas in order from cheapest to most expensive.  This is clearly the work of a conspiratorial Lukoil manager who is lining his profits with the money of unsuspecting automatic-left-button-pushers.  SCAM.