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I Start Training Tomorrow

When I was young, I always assumed it would occur to me one day, out of the blue, what I wanted to do with my life.  I just didn't know that the day would be August 19, 2010, and the thing would be competitive rabbit jumping.

If This Doesn't Make You Want Kids, Then No Creepy Robot Baby Will

I was totally behind Japan when they came out with the robotic baby seal, but this is creepy.  From this article:

A group of students in Japan have created an eerily realistic robot baby to motivate young people to start planning a family and boost the country's plunging birth rate.

The automated doll developed at the University of Tsukuba, called Yotara, giggles and "wakes up" when a rattle is shaken.

He sulks and dozes off like a real baby and smiles when his stomach is rubbed.

The robot can also sneeze and have a runny nose, thanks to a heated water pump system.


Somehow I do not see Japanese birth rates shooting through the roof because of this thing.


Pancakes Ate My Brain

This is an IHOP commercial from 1969.  It will make you feel like your brain is melting.

Speaking of melted brains, I have been at a conference all week listening to dry speakers speaking dryly about dry subjects; please forgive my absence.  I would much rather have been here with you.

I Think the Lyrics Are Japanese for "If You Don't Get Out of the House Soon, You Will Start Hallucinating Ukelele-Playing Animals 24/7"

You'd think with all the snow, I'd have nothing better to do than look at the Internet all day; however, I've barely been barely able to sit still and look at the computer for more than a few minutes at a time these past couple days.  Despite this, the following video was able to hold my attention quite well.